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The Furniture Connection is now accepting used, clean furniture and working appliances. The furniture and appliances are distributed to families in Daviess County. Please call CONNECTIONS at (812) 257-2650 to donate or for more information.





 PO Box 1014, Washington, IN 47501



CONNECTIONS is a central resource clearinghouse and informational call center.

VisionSupporting people by becoming a place to begin when help is needed.

Mission… Connecting Daviess County residents to resources that meet their needs.

Purpose… Helping people learn to help themselves.


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CONNECTIONS links people and service providers throughout the county by maintaining a database of information on available community resources and providing contact information for a broad range of services.  Numerous service providers (PACE, Salvation Army, Feed My Sheep, St. Vincent and Trustees) as well as area churches refer calls for assistance to CONNECTIONS.  CONNECTIONS in turn completes an application with the caller to identify the need for assistance, current work history, residential history, household members and income, then verifies the information and tries to find resources that can help the family.  CONNECTIONS maintains a database of all calls and applications which helps identify the number of times the person has requested and received assistance.  The goal of CONNECTIONS is to reduce the occurrence of duplication of services and minimize the misuse and exploitation of the limited resources in Daviess County.  CONNECTIONS does not give out monetary assistance.

CONNECTIONS managed 4,643 calls for information and assistance in 2013 and served 2,042 household members.


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2012 Connections.Annual Report

2013 Connections.Annual Report


CONNECTIONS maintains a Resource Directory of the services provided to residents of Daviess County through Local, State, and Federal Programs. The directory is available on DVD and may be requested by calling (812) 257-2650 or emailing


Click here to download the Daviess County Resource Directory


CONNECTIONS is staffed by the Executive Director and several dedicated volunteers:

Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 12:00pm

A message system is available for after hours calls and messages are returned as soon as possible on the next working day.


Community Resources, Organizations and Programs

A social network meeting sponsored by CONNECTIONS. The group meets quarterly (March, June, September and December) on the second Tuesday of the month at 11:30am. Each meeting begins with a speaker presenting information about a program or resource available in the county followed by a time for the agencies to share and update information about their Agency/Church/Organization.



Connections Assistance Form 

Have you given assistance to someone?  Has someone requested assistance from you?  Click the “FORM” button to go to an online submission form to give us a record of your experience.  Communicating with us in this simple and easy method helps keep Connections’ database current and up-to-date so that we can better serve you.



Daviess County Partnership now is a Gold Star participant of GuideStar.

GuideStar provides information for all registered 501 (c) (3) organizations.  It also provides information that can enable funders to make better decisions and encourages charitable giving.



The Daviess County Partnership serves as the point of contact for Christmas assistance and maintains a database of all calls to prevent and reduce duplication of assistance. 

Jubilee Christmas, a local holiday assistance program of the Davies County Partnership, works with churches and the community to provide presents to children in Daviess County. Children must be referred to Jubilee Christmas by a school, church, Day Care, or Social Service, etc.


The Daviess County Partnership also works with the 20th Century Car Club & Toys for Tots to provide presents to families that were not referred to Jubilee Christmas.  The Partnership also worked with the Salvation Army to provide clothing for families with children that were referred by the schools.


The Daviess County Partnership helped 303 families with 710 children receive Christmas assistance in 2013.


Jubilee Christmas is funded by many individuals, churches, businesses, sororities, clubs and agencies, as well as grants from:

Daviess Community Foundation, Wal-Mart, D-M REMC, Old National Bank and the Build-A-Bear Foundation


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The Furniture Connection accepts used furniture and working appliances to be given to families in need. Families are screened through CONNECTIONS to determine and verify the need.


A weekly article in the Washington Times Herald listing ways people can help, such as monetary donations, items and volunteer time for various agencies/ministries in Daviess County. We currently are unable to track the impact or exact number of people that receive help through this column, but we do know that donations have been given to these agencies/ministries.

Much of the funding for CONNECTIONS is through local donations from churches, individuals and grants.

CONNECTIONS is partially funded by grants from:


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There are two ways you can donate to CONNECTIONS.

Donate by Check/Money Order
Payable to: Daviess County Partnership
Mailed to: Daviess County Partnership-CONNECTIONS, PO Box 1014, Washington, IN 47501


Donate Online

(via PayPal™ using your Credit/Debit Card)